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Nose Torture

The term "nose torture" in this context applies to consensual sexual activity that focuses on the punishment of the nose

Nose Torture
Pictures kindly used with permission from The Pain Files

The punishment of the nose is a classic japanese form of BDSM, that usually involves a hook applied in the nose
- so called nosehook - that pulls the nose backwards. The level of pain and discomfort caused by this form of nose
bondage is variable based on how hard the nosehook is made to pull. Its a mixture of real pain and
humiliation for the slave to be in nosebondage and other forms of nose torture.

The concept of nose hooks is that it has two hooks on the other end of a strap, one hook for each nostril.
They may be used to force a person to bend his or her head backward in a painful and humiliating manner.

Another common nose hook model has a strap with one hook on each end.
The strap goes behind the head and hooks are put in the nostrils to stretch them open sideways.

Nose hooks are commonly used in Japanese BDSM.

Forms of nose torture
Flip the nose open - pull the nostrils, squeeze and twist

Nosehooks - pulling her nose back (if you dont have nosehooks, they are quite easy to make
from thick little pieces of metal) - nosehook either pulled hard by hand or tied above her/to a collar round her neck

Nose Caning - "cane" it - not a real cane - a small thin stick (needs to be a flexible stick that can bend/swirp)
that can be flicked up on the nose from below.

Clothespegs on and in the nose. Squeezed and played with - snapped on and pulled off - whipped off with a small precise whip.

Metalclamp up the nose - a variety of metal clamps can be used and applied on the nostrils
or inside the middle of the nose, I a chain is attached to the metal clamps it can be pulled and weighted.

Hotwaxing the nose - Hotwax on top of the nose, dripped inside from the side, downwards inside.



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