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Tit Torture

The term "tit torture" in this context applies to consensual sexual activity. One of the most popular forms of female punishment is the torture of the breasts.
Breasts and nipple torture hold a prominents place in the world of BDSM punishment, some popular and widespread forms of tit torture include.

Breast bondage – bondage of the female breast can function as an artistic expression, a way of restraining a slavegirl and
as a punishment in itself. The most common type of rope for breast bondage is hemp, which has a perfect structure and stability
for the purpose unlike several kinds of synthetic rope that can leave burn marks, be too weak or in other ways be unsuitable. Most well equipped
bondage stores have a selection of hemp ropes, but it is also possible to prepare your own. Breast bondage can be carried out in a wide
variety of ways, from a single rope round the tits that more or less acts like a see-through bra to full breast suspensions that leaves the
slave girl hanging by her tits.

Breast Spanking and Whipping - Striking the breasts with a variety of implements can be done to arouse if used lightly or as a form of punishment
if harder strokes are delivered or more severe implements used. The possible implements are more or less endless but common ones are canes,
paddles, floggers and whips.

Clamping – the use of clothespins, hardware clamps, household clamps, hair pins, and so on, or bdsm clamps designed for use on the nipples.
Clamping can be quite mild if light clamps/pegs are used or very extreme if more severe forms of typically metal clamps are used.

Electro – Electricity play on the breasts and nipples is a bit of a taboo due to the potential cardiac risks, and the safety of the unit used
and the health of the slave ensured before engaging in this activity. Once the safety is ensured, electro play can involve alot of pleasure and pain
when dosed correctly. Typical electro toys are tens units that attach through electrodes to the nipples and deliver a controllable amount of
shocking stimulation. Other common electro pain implements are fly swats, e-stim boxes and violet wands.

Play piercing / needle pain – Play piercing on the tits and nipples is as much a game of fear as it is about the actual pain. Needles
have that scary effect on the mind with their sharp and sparkling presence. Nonetheless, needle piercings can be almost painless if thin
hyperdermic needles are inserted through the skin quickly. If pain is desired, a slower insertion of thicker hyperdermic needles is the way to go.
This type of piercing is in its nature temporary, however it can be combined with actual insertion of piercing jewellery, however that requires
real piercing needles.

Suspension - Breast suspension is related to breast bondage in the sense that its an extreme bondage form in which the slave girl is
hanging entirely from the breasts. Breast suspensions needs to be carried out with some caution to ensure the safety and quality of the ropework.

Hotwax - Candles and the hot wax they produce is a popular implement for tit torture. The dripping of hot candle wax on tits and nipples leave a
burning hot sensation and pain, that fades as the wax cools off. Candles come in a variety of makes from ones that melt almost at body
temperature and as such are largely painless when the hotwax is applied, to high temperature ones that cause agony with every drip of the candle wax.
Be careful when selecting the candles, ensure they dont have plastic coating of any sort and experiment till you find the temperature that suits you.
As a rule of thumb cheap supermarket candles without plastic coating are a fairly safe bet, with the white ones being the mildest and
black ones being the most severe.

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Cigarette Play - In the extreme end of tit torture we find cigarette torture. Burning cigarettes can be dragged across the skin or even put out
directly on the breasts. Take notice though that cigarette burns do tend to leave scars.


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